555 Is More Than An Address

The New York Times wrote a great article recently about the “foodie culture” in Portland, Maine. I enjoyed the article because Portland is my current hometown and for years I thought the food scene had been largely confined to buzz about Fore Street’s Chef Sam Hayward. Chef Hayward was named Best Chef: Northeast by the James Beard Foundation. Now don’t get me wrong – Fore Street is certainly a good restaurant (although I prefer the sister restaurant, Street and Company). But last Saturday night, I had an amazing meal. In fact, it rivaled a meal that I had at the Inn at Little Washington in 1991.

Six of us nestled into a table at Five Fifty-Five or 555. I had asked Chef Steve Corry to prepare a birthday dinner that included as many of my husband’s favorite foods as feasible. I also provided some other hints such as he prefers savory over sweet, robust over subtle and spices of all kinds. The five course dinner unfolded in a way that is impossible to describe without blathering on. But suffice it to say everything from the wine pairings to the food to the service was perfect.  So my advice is if you come to Portland, plan ahead and order a tasting menu at 555. You will have an experience that rivals everything from Nobu to August to Boulevard.

The Truth Uncovered

For years,  I have been telling my clients and friends around the country that Portland, Maine is truly a foodie town. My colleagues in the major cities just roll their eyes and humor me. But finally I have been vindicated. Check out the NY Times article about our fair city.


Tried and True

Looking for a low-key and delicious restaurant, but not pizza or Asian food? In Cambridge, Massachusetts just a brisk walk from Harvard Square is Dali Restaurant – http://www.dalirestaurant.com/home.html. When you walk in the door, you feel you’ve just stumbled into a restaurant outside Sevilla. The decor is a funny mix of Old World and just plain old kitsch. The tapas is delicious and service is always ebullient. On a cold night, they make sure and keep the heat up so you feel like you’ve just been wrapped in a soft, warm blanket. The sangria is not too sweet and they make killer chicken livers just like my grandmother did!

Welcome to the Right Hat Blog!

After years of threatening to do a blog, we finally have one at Right Hat. Check in here for our musings on marketing, design and of course food. We plan to point out everything from the bizarre to the useful. As many of you know we make a good deal of our living helping law firms build their brands. We’ve still not managed to convince any of our clients to use a jingle (although we’ve been inspired by “ring around the collar” and “janitor in a drum”) but nevertheless are always looking for new ways to turn a head.